Explore Mendocino Coast

Mendocino Grove sits on a forest bluff above the bay and the picturesque town of Mendocino. The campground is in close proximity to several stunning state parks with towering redwood forests, sweeping meadows, coastal bluffs, and sandy-white beaches. These surroundings provide endless opportunity for exploration and outdoor activities.



Paths and trails are available for every level, from rigorous day-long hikes with steep ascents to tranquil walks through fern canyons, pygmy forests and old-growth redwoods. The surrounding state parks have extensive trail and there are many local free trails with easy access.  Not a hiker? Check out the paddle boards, kayaks and outrigger canoes at Catch-a-Canoe, just a short walk from the campground. For those who like to fish, ask us for recommendations for fresh or saltwater excursions.

For more hikes including dog-friendly beaches, check out our  Trails and beaches page.


 The campground lies ¼ mile south of the  town of Mendocino, a vibrant and beautifully preserved Victorian seaside village with a variety of unique boutiques, art galleries, and interesting restaurants catering to foodies, hippies and hipsters alike.  Our favorite haunts include the local independent bookstore, Gallery Bookshop, the cooperative health food store, Corners of the Mouth, and the following restaurants: Good Life Cafe and Bakery, Trillium, Patterson’s Pub, Cafe Beaujolais, Wild Fish and Mendocino Cafe. If you fancy going further afield Fort Bragg is an easy ten-minute drive north where you will find more gorgeous beaches, hikes and the not-to-be-missed Mendocino Botanical Gardens. 

For more on Fort Bragg and further Mendocino dining suggestions, check out our Mendocino and More listings page.




I’m already having withdrawals from relaxing by the campfire, reading in the hammock, and soaking in the fresh ocean breeze every morning at this place! I can’t wait to come back soon!
— Donovan & Anna W.