pretty feet with painted toenails pop out from under a striped wool blanket in a Mendocino Grove glamping tent

Family & Group Tents

  • Family & Group Tents are larger than our classic tent. They measure 16ā€™x 20'and hold 4-6 people. There are two types:

    • Family Tents: These tents are located together in the south end of the campground adjacent to The Grand Fir Forest with convenient access to the Meadow - a popular spot for children to congregate and play. This class does not include tents with bluff views.

    • Group Tents: Our group tents are designed for friends traveling ensemble. These tents are located throughout the campground, away from families, and can sleep 4 adults comfortably.


Common Questions when Booking

Is it possible to come with an infant?

Booking multiple tents in a reservation does not guarantee that tents will be assigned next to each other. To arrange for tents to be located next to each other please call our office. Our staff will do our best to accommodate reservation requests for guests wanting to be in close proximity, although we do not guarantee tent assignments or promise specific site numbers. Reservations of five or more tents are considered a group booking and must be booked as such in order to guarantee your tents will be assigned together. We have special areas on the campground designed for groups of 5 tents or more. These areas are designed with community gatherings in mind to allow for more privacy.

What if Iā€™m travelling with a group of friends?

Because of on going property developments we do not publish our map. Our map and our tent assignments are subject to change at any time. We do not have designated tent assignments in advance of your reservation date. We cannot promise specific site numbers, although we can guarantee that you will be accommodated in the tent class you have booked and we will do our best to accommodate any request for a specific area. Guests who make a group reservation will be guaranteed their specific group site.


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